Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Well Rounded ~By Amy

As I sit here and eat my well rounded dinner here in my nice warm cozy house as the temerature drops to 20 below zero here in Nikiski, Alaska I cannot believe that 9 months from now i may be starving, tired with no roof over our heads wandering around Europe. possibly lost. But “not all who wander are lost” or so i have been told:) I guess That will be the joy in spending two unplanned months backpacking through Europe. A once and a life time adventure! I mean not that having a child or a significant other is a bad thing but what 25 or 27 year old would be able to do this sort of thing? I feel like in this day and age it is a rarity to find someone who isnt tied down or at least is able to do this sort of thing! I feel very blessed!

Dont get me wrong I would very much would Love to have a great guy in my life and eventually have my own child, but i well the turn of events in my life over the last 3 months have been because of a reason. Everything always happens for a reason. I proabably wouldnt be going on this trip if i was still with my ex and taking care of his unbelievably awesome son Chasce whom the both i miss every single day, But i do believe better doors are opening up for both of our lives as seperate human beings. Which so happens my partner in crime on this trip just so happens to be going through some of the same trials and turbulations as i am. And getting to know her a little better throughout the last few months, I really couldnt be asking for a better traveling partner and FRIEND!

A little side note! Annies Shitake Mushroom Salad dressing is amazing! LOL

9 months from now and we will be on out merry way to EUROPE! Starting out in SPAIN!


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