Friday, May 17, 2013

Purchases ~By Danette

Backpacks, shoes, jackets, sleeping bags and all the other jazz that we need to buy before our trip. Where is a person start?

Ive been online looking at everything trying to figure out which thing will work best for me and what I need. I obviously worry too much because i am so concerned im going to buy the wrong thing because I didn't research enough. Well, I finally made my first purchase today. (other than my plane ticket.) I just bought a Colombia jacket! It was originally $270, but I scored it for $140. Still pricey, but I love it! Waterproof, comes apart in to a lighter jacket and it's black, so it will match with everything!
Can't wait to take a trip to anchorage and get some more of the thing I need.

~By Danette

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