Friday, May 10, 2013


I cannot believe this is my life!!!! Amy and I have just purchased one way tickets to Europe!!! WE ARE GOING TO EUROPE!!!!! We leave Anchorage Alaska August 26th! We have a a ten hour layover in Iceland so we are very excited to check out Reykjavik for a couple of hours! Then onto Barcelona, Spain where we will officially start off this two month adventure!!!

I dreamt last night we had just landed in Europe and it was mad chaos, we had brought so much stuff with us that mascara, eyeliner and curling iron cords were just falling out of our backpacks. We looked like crazies! So in reality, very minimal of that stuff is going to make it into my backpack! I want to take the very least that I can. :) Though I've already changed my mind from no flat iron to my mini flat iron. I can't look like a hobo the whole time I am there. :)

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