Thursday, June 27, 2013

Backpack, Eurorail Pass an Airbnb ~By Danette

Good news x3! First I am the proud owner of a Coyote Kelty 80 liter backpack! I bought it on for $124 (free shippig even). It was a little more than I was planning on spending but I believe it will be totally worth it. Also, I was planning on getting like a 65 liter bag,  but this one just seemed too perfect. I don't have to fill it full right? :)

Secondly, Amy and I finally booked out Eurorail tickets! This was probably the hardest decision I've have to make about the trip thus far. Which pass was right for me? Aims and I both ended up with the -travel for 15 days within two months global pass. It cost me $1200. And only because I am over 26!!! Apparently you are no longer youth once you reach 27. Amy's was somewhere around $800. Another thing I dont understand is I had to buy a first class ticket and Amy had to buy a second class ticket. Doesn't make sense to me because we want to actually travel together in the same location.  It says I can just go to second class, so I guess that is what I will do. We decided if we were on the verge of strangling each other maybe it would be our chance to separate and regroup. :)
I was originally planning on getting the -2 month unlimited global pass, but it was going to be $1700. And I am just so unsure if the passes will actually even cover all the places we are wanting to travel. I know a lot of the times we are going to end up having to pay extra for over night and reservations. Anyway, hopefully we made the smartest choice.

Thirdly, we booked our very first might in Valencia Spain! We went through and it was almost too easy!!! I'm so excited to book more places. It's a little like coach surfing where you are staying  at someone's house, but airbnb isn't free. But it's totally affordable. This place was $30 for both of us. 

~By Danette

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