Saturday, June 1, 2013

My converter ~By Danette

I bought a converter. :) seriously, the things you have to think about when planning a backpacking trip. I got it at Radio Shack for $22. Bargain? Maybe, maybe not, but now I won't fry my iPod or my camera while I'm there. :)

Also, one would not guess you had to have a return ticket when traveling to europe. I guess they won let you in with just a one way. Glad we found that out now and on at the icelandic boarder. So Amy and I just purchased our tickets back yesterday. We fly out of Copenhagen Denmark on the 17th of October. We paid right around $700 I believe. So total airfare cost us around $1400. Probably would have been cheaper to by a round trip, but how could we have know. Live and learn.

~By Danette

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