Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sick and Tired~Amy

First of I would like to announce that Moldova is my second faborite country I have visited to far. Everyone, and I mean everyone is so stinking nice, like would give you the shirt off their. Back nice! Its crazy how people are so quick to give a helping hand to a complete stranger and treat you like their own family. Maybe I just need to stick with visiting small villages for the rest of my trip because the village of Mereni had totally topped off! Another great thing I love about Moldova is that basically everyone has their. Own farm or shares their farm with their neighbor. Everything they cook is from the farm and the garden, everything is natural and nothing is processed. LOVE. As much as I am enjoying it here in Moldova I got sick the third day in and I blame oz on the constant drinking...it may seem like people are alcoholics here but no they are not its really just the way of life here, you go to a friends you drink wine, you have dinner you drink wine, you have breakfast and lunch, you drink wine. You have baby, you drink wine, you get sick you drink wine! HA Alex had a nice cold remedy for me to try but it definitley got denied after the dinner and conagc (spelt wrong) we had with his parents. It was hot red wine with ground pepper!!!what there is no way that would make me sick to my stomach so Alex' mom said a tablespoon of raw honey would have to suffice...then Constantine is convinced that I got sick from it being cold outside...ha that idea is so oldschool. I'm pretty sure I got sick from his dang Butt!fl Drinking all sorts of wine after each other. Tomorrow is a new day:-)

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