Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Off to the Airport ~Danette

Catching my bus this morning was a nightmare! I alway try to be prepared, but it seems no matter how hard I try something unexpected always comes up. I looked on the Internet to see what my transportation options were to the fiumicino airport (1hrs drive). I found a couple different bus company's that went every 30 minutes. The directions said to go to the termini station (which is where I arrived by train), perfect. Sounds easy. 

I woke up super early this morning excited to be catching a flight. So i got ready and left my hostel an hour earlier than I was planning to. Arrived at termini, and started looking for any of the  bus stations I had googled.  I looked. And looked. And looked. 45 minutes later I  finally asked for directions. This guy sent me way over in one direction away from the station. Nothing!! Walked around some more. Asked someone else for direction. They sent me in the complete opposite direction. Again, nothing!! Finally I ended up back at the termini station and asked a police officer for directions, he sent me down another road but this time success!!! Thank God! I had to get on a bus like now! I got my ticket and waited in a very long cluster for the bus. I say cluster because apparently no one believes in any form of lines or waiting for their turn. I got in the back and was trying to wait patiently as i was getting shoved out of the way. There were so many people I was sure there was no way in the world we were all going to fit o the busn!! But one by one everyone started piling in, and third to the last seat, I made it!!!

Then we got stuck in a traffic jam forever! I don't know how I made it in time to catch my flight. 

Ha what a way to exit the country. 
Pretty much sums up how I roll... Like everyday.  :)

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