Monday, February 18, 2013

Saving and whatnot ~ by Amy

     So i'm sitting here on my day off drinking coffee in my parents home, where i currently reside with my two four legged kids and i find myself on craigslist looking for my own place (which is not happening till Danette and i get back from Europe) and thats exactly what i gotta keep telling myself. Its a little hard being back here after almost 4 years of just me. But it is all going to be worth it for this trip.
     Saving has been going good i suppose but alot slower than i anticipated due to the slow months we have been having at work. I am only a quarter of the way to our savings goal and we only have 6 months to our departure. Im hoping for a decent tax return to douce my savings a little bit:-) Also asking for money to put into my saving for my birthday as well instead of presents.
     I have also come across another issue i think i might have is applying for a travelers credit card. I shouldnt doubt myself with i think i might have a hard time getting approved for a good one. Who knows...i guess we will see. Okay okay i am definatly rambling on a little bit but this blog is a great way for me to express how im feeling and what im doing to better myself for this trip and also prepare for.
    P.S. I still need to get my passport!

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