Sunday, August 11, 2013

Gadgets ~By Danette

I got some locks, clips and little link things for my back pack. Wasn't quite sure what I should get for all the zippers on my backpack. I could just see Amy and I walking through a crowded area while someone has their hands in my backpack taking my things. Didn't really want to have to be locking and unlocking it every time I wanted to get in. So I think the little link things will be perfect. This stuff only cost me like $7. :)

It's two weeks today!!! Wow! The days are just flying by!!!

So the sleeping bag Amanda let me borrow goes inside this TINY little stuff sack!!! I couldn't get it to all fit but Amanda assured me it would fit (and successfully accomplished the task). I slept in my bag the night I got it as a trial run. The next day Amanda asked me if I had success putting it back in the stuff sack. I laughed and said I needed to wait until I had a day off work because i was probably going to need that kind of time to commit! Well this sleeping bag has been sitting on my floor now for a couple of day haunting me! Last night I even had a dream about the whole situation... Only I was stuffing an entire queen size mattress into this mini little stuff sack.  ...I will probably try to tackle this tonight... I may even post picture. :)


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