Friday, August 30, 2013

New Destination ~By Danette

Oh man. Traveling. It's always way more complicated than it sounds. We were told Paris was hard to get to, but I didn't realize how hard.  We asked a million times if we needed a reservation on the train to get to Paris. "no, no, no one train an hour leave from Perpignan. You get right on train." so we took a 5 hour trip to Perpignan were we were informed we would be able to hope right on the next train. Not so. Turns out all the train are booked until the 3rd of September! Agh! We were totally given false information!!! And now we were stuck in some random tiny little town. In the middle of no where. I wanted to stress a little bit, because this is messing with all my thought out travel plans. I have to cut a stop or two out now because of it. :( possible Amsterdam and London. :( after a lot of talking with the (super helpful) French ticket lady, we were able to get tickets to Nice. So we will be there until the 3rd of September. I really really hate when I plan something and then changes completely out of my control happen. But as frustrated as I am about the unforeseen changes,  it's hard to be bummed that I have to spend 3 more days on the beach. 

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