Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Iceland!!! ~by Danette

My first impression of Iceland as I looked out the plane window was, "wow! There is nothing here!" you see the ocean, town of reykjavik, then a few buildings along the way to the airport. One highway. Then rocks and mountains. 

The second impression was that they have the most modern, up to date, fashionable restrooms I have ever seen in my life! What in the world?! It felt more like rooms to a hotel. Amy is demonstrating the hand dryer as you will see below. :)

From the airport, reykjavik is a 50 minute drive.  Iceland has the feel of both Alaska and Hawaii in one. There Are volcanic rocks everywhere like Hawaii, yet it is freezing cold just like Alaska.  It's very unique. I like it. 

I had the most amazing, bread/doughnut things ever! Theyre called kleinur. Amazing!  


  1. I love all the colorful roofs. It's like a lego town!