Sunday, August 18, 2013

Saving! ~By Danette

Okay, so as some of you may recall from earlier posts, we had a goal of $6000 each for this trip. That was including airfare and a eurorail pass. Then in theory we would have $4000 left to spend the 2  months we're in europe. 

We had an entire year to save this. Amy and I have both had multiple jobs to make this possible. Plus the $6000 we were to save, we also had to buy supplies along the way. 

I have been adding all my receipts up tonight to see what I ended up spending on random supplies. And I decided it might come in handy for any other future Europe goers.  So I decided to post it for those that are interested. 

80l Kelty backpack $124.73
Columbia jacket/raincoat $146.28
Kelty Sleeping bag $122
Canon camera (because I ruined mine in the sand) $132.99
SD card  $16.67
Sketcher walking shoes $58.73
Reef flip flops $33.91
Pack towel $24.33
Enercell foreign converter $23.84
Adapter FREE thanks to Matt B!  (thank you for letting me borrow yours!)
Charger and camera batteries $15.94
First aid kit and random meds $15.
Sunglasses (which I actually had to buy twice, because I got so excited about them I wore them out commercial fishing... And ruined them. Boo) So, $20. For both of those.
Flashlight, locks, clips and carabiners $20. 
Pack safe FREE (thanks to my friend Brad B for letting me borrow his!) 
travel insurance $211.16

So $965 in random supplies.... Most of which I will have for ever. (unless I get robbed, which in that case, thank God for insurance because then I can buy it all again.)

Ticket to Europe with Icelandair $713.73

Ticket back to America with Icelandair $679.84

Eurorail ticket $1211.00

SO... $3569.50 before we even leave America!!! Ouch!!!! Ha ha this is a bit painful now that I have added it up.... so glad I didn't have to buy that all in one sitting.

And after I get my last pay check, on top of all those expenses, I will have successfully saved my $4000 Europe spending money! Im so proud of myself for all those coffees I did not buy! For those short little trips I didnt take and for learning to do everything on my ipod when my computer crashed on me. :) writing a blog post does actually take more time, but this is how I will be doing it in Europe. :)

So proud of Amy for saving the same amount!!!!!

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