Saturday, September 14, 2013

Beer, Bag Pipes and delicious men:-)

As I sit here drinking my bombdiddilyishous beer here in Edinburgh, Scotland looking back on our trip so far, we havnt had any really crazy crazy moments like I thought we would....but who knows what is to come yet! Although we have met some pretty great people along the way. Danette and I met these two girls from Switzerland and turned out we all clicked pretty well so we are going to stay with them in Bern, Switzerland. I know some of my posts....well most of my posts don't have much substance to them but this is kind of just a diary really for me open to the world.
     My sister is here with me right now for a few more days, we will take off to London the morning after tomorrow and stay there for two days then she will head back home and I will meet back up with Danette in Amsterdam. Which im actually pretty excited for. Everyone I have spoken to about Amsterdam says its a great city despite all the drugs going through there. RED LIGHT DISTRICT!!! haha. On another note....don't know if he will read this or not but I met this freaking delish guy the other night....unfortunately totally wasn't feeling me the way I was feeling him (even though I live 3500 miles away) OPIE look alike by the way! On the other hand it was a good night hanging with some locals at a cool little pub down the street from my Hostel. Going to see Nessie tomorrow, my sister and I are taking off on a 12 hour day tour up to the highlands of Scotland.

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