Sunday, September 29, 2013


Sitting here in Moldova and I'm finally able to enjoy myself since we are not constanlty going and going and going, it was past due for a time to just relax and slow down. Even though I am here alone and Danette decided to go home and the plan was to stick together no matter what. There are absolutely no hard feelings on my part. I like to do things at a slower pace then most people, so I feel like traveling alone will give me a more peaceful and graceulful new way to see things. I will be here in Moldova till Wednesday Or Saturday Costea has a friend in the airport and has a hookup for cheap flights to Italy so which ever day is cheaper. I'm still sad that Greece is to expensive to travel to and from because I really wanted to go and have a little more beach time but maybe one day I will come back bland just go to Greece. First night here in Moldova Costea and Alex picked me up and we went straight to drinking wine at a neighbors house accompanied by all these interesting traditional Moldovan foods. The homemade wine is delicious by the way, nothing like the stuff you buy at the store...anyways they broughtout this boiled meat but its cold and it has the gel from all the fat and protien from the bones and asked if I wanted some.....uuuhhhhh....not really I told costea, trying to be descreet about it, he goes oh try it, it is good! Ha! I tried it and it was not good! But it is a delicacy over here. On the other hand there are plenty of other delicious foods to choose from.

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