Thursday, September 12, 2013

Norway!! ~Danette

Awe! Norway! As I sit here on the beach soaking up the sun I can't help but smile. And I can't help to wonder how it is so warm here! Ireland was definitely on the chilly side.

It was a little bit of a long day/night getting here. I left Galway which is on the west side of Ireland around 8 in the afternoon. Arrived in Dublin a couple of hours later and my fantastic new Irish friend was kind enough to pick me up from the bus station and then later drop me off at the airport. We had to head to the airport at 4 in the morning so I think I only managed to get about 45minutes sleep. Then a plane ride to Reggy Norway. Arriving at 11 am. Hour bus ride into Oslo. I paid 150 Norwegian krone for my ticket, i almost had a heart attack because when I put it in my currency exchange thing it said I had spend $200USD. Then I realized it had some how switched back to euros. And if i would have just calmly thought about it for a second i would have realized i didnt even pull $200USD out of the ATM. ha my ticket was $25.

Then i find myself wandering around the city wondering where in the world I am at. NOTHING is in English, which makes it slightly difficult as I'm lacking in any sort of Norwegian whatsoever. My plan was to stop by the hostel I booked and drop off my backpack, then head to the peninsula bygdøy. I have no idea where my hostel might be located, as my directions  are from some random place that I am not. 
I finally found a tram that would take me to the peninsula. Hoped on and arrived in an amazing location! Just what I was hoping for! Outside the city so I could relax. I am so tired!!! Upon arriving at this amazing location, I meander down to the beach where I am taking in the sights.... But as I'm looking around I notice that all these guys are walking around Butt naked. I mean, not a stitch of clothing! Nothing but their birthday suits!!! 
 I'm sure my facial expression was a sight to behold! I literally had to laugh, thinking "what the?! And where have I ended up?!!!".  I was just getting used to the topless beaches in Spain and France, but this I wasn't quite expecting or ready for. ha ha Oh jeez.

I found a quit little rock to myself on the other side of the beach and I think I'm going to take a little nap and recover from my lack of sleep last night. Hopefully when I decide to leave it wont be an all day event trying to locate my hostel. 

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