Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Paris!!! ~Danette

What a beautiful sight! Amy and I we're going to couch surf while we were in Paris. -For those of you that don't know what couch surfing is, it's a website were you can meet the traveling type from all over the world. People invite you to stay on there couch for a night or two while you're traveling. Well, I had a couch surfing set up in Paris, except for the minor details of directions. I had been emailing back and forth that morning with our host but I had to leave our hostel to catch the train before I actually got the directions. I figured when we got to Paris I would just get on the Internet and have the directions. ....well, 8 at night we arrive in Paris with no where to go and no internet to be found. Amy and I hopped on the metro and headed downtown to see the (outside) of the Louvre. We ended up walking around (with our heavy backpacks) for probably 3 hours. We ended up laying under they Eiffel Tower and watching the lights. That was definitely amazing! (other than all the French guys hitting on Amy ha ha) Finally around 11ish we decide there eat going to be any Internet anywhere so we gave up. We talked about sleeping in some bushes and locking our backpacks up in a tree for the next day. But in the end we ended up at a hostel. Thankful I read this amazing blog called nomaticmatt, and I remember him saying that he stayed in a hostel called Christopher's Inn in Paris. We were able to take a taxi for a small fortune and ended up some where safe. :) In the end I definitely learned not to arrive in a new location with no address or hostel name of any sort.  

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