Wednesday, September 25, 2013

To Be Young ~Danette

I was planning on writing about Munich. But I literally have nothing to say other than I have never seen so many drunk people in my life! Not just drunk, but no idea what is happening around them drunk. I guess what was I really thinking anyways? Octoberfest. 

I am definitely not the partying type. I guess i already knew this, but before I left home I was thinking maybe I would give it a try. You know, throw caution to the wind while abroad, not be so responsible and so concerned about making the right decisions all the time.  I know i say this often, but i look around and it just seems like everyone is just doig whatever the heck they want, with basically what seems like no consequence whatsoever. Meanwhile, I'm over here trying to make good decisions all the time. And it gets old and it is hard! 

But even in Europe, that is so not me at all! I don't like staying out late, I don't like the crazy bar feel, i dont like random guys hitting on me and I definitely don't like ruining a perfectly good day by having a hangover! 

I like to have a glass of wine with close friends, and then be in bed by 10 o'clock. And when the day is over, I like to be able to go to sleep knowing that I have at least attempted to make the best decisions possible.  Maybe some would call me lame, but I would prefer to be called lame and boring in the eyes of the world, but to have the piece of mind that I am trying my hardest.


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