Friday, September 20, 2013

Awareness ~Danette

When starting off our trip, Amy and I were very cautious with our bags. Trying to make sure they were locked up in a locker when we weren't with them or that we at least locked them to our bunks when we are out.

But as the time has gone on, we have definitely become more trusting. I am still sleeping with my passport and camera, but i am pretty confident that when I wake up in the morning everything will still be around. Everyone is so nice and trustworthy right?

Last night our room was robbed. These guys from India got their laptop, their passports and $3000 worth of train passes stolen. I feel so bad for them as they were just starting out their trip too. And I think I probably saw the person too, Amy and I had been chatting in the hall way for a couple of hours and smiled at everyone that came our way.

It made Amy and I realize that we need to start being a little more cautious and a little less trusting. It could just as easily have been our stuff that was stolen.  

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