Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Surfing in the North Sea ~Danette

I was surfing in the Netherlands!! That is not something I would have ever imagined myself saying! If you just go with it, life will take you on some crazy adventures. It's hard to even imagine where that might be.

I cant explain why i love surfing so much. Even if the waves were a sloppy mess today and all i caught was white wash, I had such an amazing time!!!  There is something I absolutely love and respect about the ocean. It can be so calm and wonderful one moment and the next turn on you with no regard for anyone or anything. Just when you give it your all to paddle out, a huge wave comes out of no where and sends you tumbling on the ocean floor. Keeps me humble for sure. :) ha

Surfing was deinitely cold and refreshing. Actually cold is an understatement! It was freezing!!! I still can't feel my feet and I've been out of the water for a while now. Long enough to grab coffee and then hobble my way back to the train station. I had to keep checking to make sure my feet where still there! Ouch!! 

Sitting on a train again back to Amsterdam. Can't wait to book a hostel and take a hot shower!!! Life. Sometimes it's the crazy things that make me smile.

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