Saturday, September 21, 2013

Prague ~Danette

Prague!!! Such a beautiful city! Everyone has been so helpful and nice, and its much cheaper as well.  I could definitely see myself returning to the Czech.

Getting here was a little bit of an adventure. That always makes for a good time. Ha 

Starting in Amsterdam, we had a 12 hour train ride to Prague with 5 different trains. So 4 train changes.  We got our sheet of paper the day before with our different destinations, our platform numbers and train times. It was a lot of information with a lot of names I couldn't pronounce.

So we get on our first train, we then arrive happily at our next stop and board our second train. Now because Amy and I's tickets are different, we ended up sitting in different cars. Well, without throwing myself or Amy under the bus, this precious piece of paper with all our destinations and times on it was lost. Vanished into thin air. Gone. And we still had 3 more connections to make.... 

I literally had NO IDEA what the paper said! All I knew was that we had a 5 minute layover at one station, that we had like a 3 minute layover at the next, and that at one stop we just got off the train and our next train would be directly across the platform from where we arrived. Amy's memory told us that one of the destinations started with a D and also that at one stop we went to platform 18....

We tried to ask for help at our first stop to see if anyone could give us this list again. The guy we talked to literally didn't speak a word of English. I of course started off asking if he spoke English. I don't know what he said back. Next I said something like "trying to get to Prague?" more Czech I couldnt quite grasp. "train to Prague?" more Czech. I stood there trying to think of a better way to get across to him that I have no idea which train to get on next to finally make it to Prague. Amy then chimes in by simply saying "Prague". He turns, gets on his computer and prints us out something. Yes!!! I was so happy! ...unfortunately the information wasnt as helpful as we had hoped, but it did say something about platform 18, which Amy had remembered. 

So we hope on this train that is sitting at platform 18. Then get off 45 minutes later. And there was a train sitting right across the platform almost as if it's waiting for us. Ha Amy and I look at each other like, perhaps this is the train station where we hop on the train that is directly across the platform?  So we literally hopped off that train and stepped on the next train. No idea where is was going or how long we were going to be on it. Honestly I don't really remeber how we finally made to Prague, but I was sitting on the train and just started busting out laughing!!! -We are in the Czech, we literally have not a clue what train we are on, if it's going in the right direction or where we even needed to be at. I'm still shocked that we made it to Prague last night! Ha The whole time we were litterally guessing and making stuff up that we might have remembered.

Anyway, safe and sound at this amazing hostel in this beautiful city!  

I know all my pictures i post are super crappy, so I do opoligize for that. I will have some good ones that I've taken with my actual camera when I get back.

Actually, speaking of good pictures, I'm starting to get so nervous about losing my pictures! We have been to 7 countries now and I have a million pictures (actually probably like a thousand, but still a lot!) but a couple good ones I want to blow up and frame when I get back. It might sound rediculous, but my pictures are my most prized possession. If I don't have a picture, I literally won't remember it.  

I've been trying to figure out how to be sure I won't lose them. I was thinking to myself that I would buy a new SD card -but that won't do me any good because I still risk losing my card with all my pictures. Then I would have two to keep track of, which would be bad. I was thinking I could mail it home -but it could get lost in the mail. I thought about sending it home with Amy's siter Sarah - but if anyone is going to lose it, it's going to be me. I was telling Amy today that the only way I can be sure I won't lose them was to have my SD card surgically insert into my body.. Ha ha I haven't found a doctor yet. But I'm going to start looking. Ha


  1. Perhaps there might be a camera shop that would be able to burn your photos onto a CD or DVD that you could mail back home? That way if it doesn't make it you still have your SD card or vice versa. Hopefully a cheap option.

  2. Oh my gosh! That is such a fabulous idea!!! I'm so going to check into that! Thank you!