Tuesday, September 3, 2013

France ~By Danette

Okay, we are actually on a train to Paris this time. Very excited about this. And this train is super sweet! Comfy seats, a/c and way faster. Our 17 hour trip from Barcelona to Nice was less than delightful. it was so hot on one of the trains that one girl was about to pass out. And about ever 5 to 10 minutes we would make another stop.  Talk about patients getting thin. I'm definitely more of a plane person. :)

So Amy and I had our first little tiff yesterday. :( Apparently neither of us communicate with each other very well at all. There was a flight booked to Dublin and it was for the wrong time. It's an easy mistake to make and I'm sure I have done it myself. But I unfortunately was less than understanding. I realize that I am pretty quick to forgive myself for mistakes I make, but if someone else is to do the very same thing, forget it. I give no grace. Obviously this is a huge area that needs work. Not really looking forward to that at all. 

Anyway,  apologies and hugs were exchanged and we are better friends for it.  (even though I'm 50€ poorer.) ;)

France has definitely been fun and I'm so excited to see Paris tonight and tomorrow. But thinking about Ireland actually makes me giddy!!! I want to squeal a little bit and jump in the air. Ahh!!! This is really happening!!!! It's the one place I would have chosen if i could only travel to one other place in my life. 

Amy's sister will be joining us for a little over a week in Ireland/Scotland which is exciting! I think I will end up having to skip Scotland unfortunately and head right up to Norway and Sweden alone. I cannot even say how excited I am to see my beautiful Swedish friend Elisabeth!!! Some times when I sit back and actually take a second to look at my life I am overwhelmed with thankfulness. I don't know how I ended up being so fortunate with both amazing family and friends and also getting to experience so many amazing adventures in my short 27 years. 

Have you heard of the saying "YOLO" (you only live once)? Amy and I said that as a joke when we were leaving the US. Now we look at each other a couple times a day saying YOLO and laughing. Ha ha it's quite catchy.

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