Tuesday, September 17, 2013

On a Train to Somewhere ~Danette

The Netherlands seem to be a lovely place. Though I think I would probably like anything after a 23 hour train ride. Of course the first thing I did when arriving this morning was hop on another train to find the beach. I always try to escape the city. Plus, once Amy gets here tomorrow we will have time to explore Amsterdam together. 

So I had to ask around to figure out which train I was supposed to take to the town called Zandvoort. It's a beach town and if I am correct on my surf report reading, there should be surfing!!! Small, but still surf. Unfortunately it is freezing out as well, but I will endure a little cold for some surfing.

So back to my train story, ask around, they tell me which train to hope on, I do, and there I sit waiting for my platform to come up. Wait, wait, maybe the next one. And next thing you know Im the last one on the train.... And were not going anywhere.... So I step off ever so cautiously, looking around for any sign that we might keep  continuing on in the same direction.. So finally I see a man that works for the railway and ask him if this train will go to Zandvoort. He says yeah, you have to change trains in Haarlem.... I informed him that I passed Haarlem already. And isnt the train going that way,? -as I point south. No such luck, back to Haarlem I go, this time I will switch trains. :) the joys of traveling. Thankfully my eurorail pass allows me to hope on and off as many trains in one day as possible.

My new train friend even let me into the "cockpit" of the train (or whatever that space on a train is called) which was exciting.  Was feeling pretty important. Ha ha ha. He even looked up which platform my new train was leaving from for me. I love nice people!!!!

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