Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Rude in Budapest ~Danette

I thought the people in France were rude. But they have nothing on the people of Budapest! I have had my change tossed at me, money snached out of my hand and someone yelling at me "do you speak English?!!!" after talking to her for several minutes before hand. 

I am a nice person. I smile at people. I ask for help nicely when needed. I say thanks. I don't understand where people get off being so rude!!! 

First thing when we arrived here after ALL night on a train. We go straight to the ticket office to make a reservation out of Hungary to Moldova. We take our number and then wait patiently for it to be displayed on the screen above us. 

When our turn comes, we step up to the counter (smiling as nice as ever) and explain that we need to make reservations out of budapest on the 26th to Chisinau Moldova. And that we have eurorail tickets. She gets on her computer and then asks if we want a sleeper car or a seat (in very poor English). I ask her what the price difference will be, becaue if it's a hundred dollar difference I will just sit in a stinking seat. Now this one simple question has almost sent her over the edge I could tell. She rolled her eyes and let out a disgusted sigh. I thought silently to myself that -geez, this is her job, I'm so sorry you have to punch a couple numbers in on your computer!!

She gives us a price, we pay, she hands us a ticket. ....Now I look at the ticket ad it says Budapest to Bucharest. I then say to her as I hold up my ticket, we are trying to go to Chisinau...

She snaps her head up and grabs the mic (because we are talkin through glass) "DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH?!!!! you have to book a ticket in Bucharest!!" oh my gosh! That about sent me over the edge! Especially after not sleeping at all the night before! I yelled back "you don't have to be rude about it!!!!" she totally could have told us this without yelling!!!! I stood there in shock giving her the -how dare you look!!! (if you haven't personally witnessed it, it's not a good look.)
Anyway, I though of a million things after I walked out of that office that I wish I would have said!!! I guess in the end, it's best I walked away. But I am still shocked by the whole thing!!

My second incounter, I was at a grocery store. I bought a sandwich, a toothbrush,  shampoo and a doughnut.... Well I tried to buy a doughnut anyway. I'm checking out and she is trying to scan her piece of paper that has the price for the doughnut on it. This paper is so worn out! There is basically no ink left on it, it's obviously not going to scan! She try's and try's and try's to no avail. She punches stuff in on the computer. Meanwhile, the looks she is giving me are getting worse and worse by the momnet. She too is starting to roll her eyes at me and throw stuff around. -like I'm sorry I want a doughnut and you cant figure out how to ring it up! Eventually I'm like, it's okay, just forget it. (this is all done in charades because neither of us speak the other one language). She literally takes the doughnut and tosses it to the side counter in a huff. I just look at Amy with wide eyes like, oh my gosh!!! And walked away doughnutless!!

Every incounter has been about the same. I am seriously flabbergasted!!! Who do these people think they are?!! I'm about to start being just as rude back!!! 

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