Saturday, September 7, 2013

Bráy Ireland ~By Danette

I am in love with Ireland!! Prior to this trip, I had been to 9 other countries and like 35 of the states. People always ask me what the most amazing place is that I have been. Yes, every place has its own unique thing, but other than Alaska, i haven't really been anywhere that I just absolutely have to go back to. 

But I literally can not stop smiling! I went on this walk yesterday in Bráy. It was breath taking!!! It was on a cliff that just ran along the water. You could smell the Irish Sea and it was cool and refreshing out! It was just me and all this wonderfulness! I always feel so small next to the ocean. Like nothing that i stress about matters at all. I always feel closer to God and am reminded of how great He is.

I really like Dublin but it was nice to get out of the city and just take it all in. I was literally laughing and skipping with my hands in the air. its a good feeling to feel like a child. :) 

In other news, Amy's sister Sara made it to Ireland safe and soundly. it's been great having her along!

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