Thursday, September 5, 2013

~By Amy

     This far this trip has been amazing!!!!!! Spent a few days in Spain met some hilarious Aussie boys in their undies on the mojitos all day! Took off to Pairs but could'nt make a connection for three days so Danette and i decided to side track off to Nice, France...and Nice was nice:-) We definitley got our bronze on for sure even though I have some unruley tan lines. So finally two days ago we were finally able to make our 6 hour trek (by train) to Paris, France. Paris was so cool and so much history and culture. The first night was a little craycray. Danette and I were so tired and i think we literally walked 5 miles around just trying to find some sort of internet source to we could get ahold of our couchsurfer we were suppose to stay at, well that definitley was not happening anymore so we headed off to the Eiffel Tower to see it glitter in all its glory in the european moonlight! it was amazing! At one point we were just going to post up in some little park under the Eiffel tower for the night but some weirdo who was trying a little to hard to sell us wine and beer was a little sketch, touching my shoulder saying how beautiful Danette and I were all while hearding his other homeboys over my way....I handled that quickly basically told him he was annoying and I wasnt going to buy alcohol from him so he could leave. And eventually he did thank god! Danette could attest to how annoyed I was! And tired! ha!
     So were finally here in Ireland. Got in late last night. Danette and I explored the Temple bar Area and other surrounding areas. Dublin is by far my favorite place we have been in, although i had no doubt it would be. It seemed like we walked forever looking for this Old Jail Kilmanham Goal. after about an hour of walking around we finally found it. We took a guided tour around inside for only 6 euros. What a steal! anyways its sooooo cool. I took loads of pictures but unfortunatly I am not at a computer which will allow me to upload photos! so bare with me....also bare with my writing skills as well!
   Spur of the moment i got my nose peirced in DUBLIN!

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