Thursday, September 19, 2013

Honorable Mention ~Danette

I wanted to introduce you all to my friend and travel companion Bunny. =) Bunny has been with me now for over 9 years. She was actually a going away present from my older sister Lynn when I moved to Louisiana. Bunny has been on every flight, every voyage, every train ride and every adventure I have ever been on since I started traveling at age 18. She's been to 15 foreign countries now and is still excited to see more. 

And though she is always stuffed in the bottom of a bag and doesn't actually get to see the sights or do crazy things like skydiving or surfing, she never complains and is always willing to stick with me.... ...probably because she is clipped in and can't actually escape.  But I would like to think we are pals. =) 

Anyway, hopefully I don't ever lose her. And if one day I end up with a child of my own that also has an adventurous spirit, Bunny can be passed on and will always be able to travel. =)

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