Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dachau Concentration Camp ~ Amy

It was our last day in München and Danette and I had pretty much seen all of Oktoberfest, we went on some rides and I drank a giant serving of beer (just one serving), So I had almost forgotten about this concentration camp a family on our train ride had told us about (super nice people and they were from the States). So Danettes like "what are weleave going to do till we leave tonight" so I suggested we go there, thinking it was going to be pretty far away, turns out it was only about a 30 minute metro outside München. We get there and I don't really know what to expect you know Learning about this horrific event in history they really just skim over the details and how inhumane it really was. You walk throught this rod iron gate which is guarded by several watch towers and a couple of trenches, to your right you have a large facility that was where the prisoners would shower, eat, be beaten and sometimes hung. What a mix right? Looking at these pictures and graphic information I'm reading I couldn't help but get emotional. It just baffles me that there was such cruelty played amungst such innocent people and children! This facility. Is not a museum. To left were the prisoner barracks which were built by the prisoners themselves, many died of exhaustion and malnutrition most from 1940-1945 up until the liberation. There are only two Barracks still standing today I'm guessing only for observation. The other 40 something buildings are gone only with the foundation still intact. At the end of the barracks there are three memorials: A Christian, a Jewish an cant remember the other. Now a little of a walk of the the side of the camp there is a infirmory where the bodies of the deceased where burned, but not all the time were the people brought here were deceased on a common occasion they were brought here under the impression they were going to bath in these separate showers when in all reality they were brought here to be poisened by a deadly gas. Walking through this was quite surreal how could so many people suffer so much for so long and no one doing a things about it...makes me wonder where the United States is headed with the path we are on.

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